Banking Law

Attorney company YUSTEM offers its clients the following legal services in banking law:
-advising clients on banking law (opening and closing of accounts, transfer of funds abroad, getting credit, laying money on  deposit, mortgage, etc.);
-representing clients in negotiations with bank and/or other financial institutions for borrowing and/or coordination of optimal  schemes of financing of economic activities;
-legal support to operations for restructuring bad loans issued by banking institutions to individuals and/or entities, support other  procedures designed to prevent the enforcement of arrears on loans granted by banking institutions;
-legal support to operations to prevent application of banking institutions collecting pledged and/or mortgage of property  transactions with contractual alienation of such property with the following repayment on loans and other transactions involving  the receipt and/or repayment of credits (pretrial settlement);
-services for court representation interests of individuals and / or entities for them to collect overdue debt on loans granted by  banking institutions, including - the application of the execution of that security and / or transferred to the mortgage assets of  the debtor;
-advice on opening of current and deposit accounts for operations using different forms of payment (credit, bill collections);
-other services.