Головна For physical persons Services for customers of insurance companies (insurers)
Services for customers of insurance companies (insurers)

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers the following services in the insurance industry:
-representing clients in negotiations with insurance companies for different types of insurance and the conclusion and  implementation of the relevant insurance contracts;
-legal support for insurance reimbursement for insurance contracts concluded in the insurance case (preparation and filing of the  insurance case, the payment of insurance benefits, etc.), support of other procedures designed to obtain insurance cover in  case of occurrence, including legal representation;
-legal support to operations for restructuring debts to insurance companies actually paid by their insurance, support of other  procedures designed to prevent the enforcement of arrears in court and/or any other order;
-legal support for early termination of contracts of insurance policyholders and the return of insurance premiums under the  relevant insurance contracts;
-other services.