Civil Law

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services in civil law:
-providing advice on civil law and their practical application;
-legal analysis of documents (contracts, certificates, resolutions, etc.);
-compilation of various civil law documents (contracts, complaints, references, letters, etc.);
-representing clients in a notary public, before officials in state and local authorities, to deal with individuals on civil legal  relations;
-debt collection, including the insurance companies for executive notary inscriptions, etc.;
-protection from creditors (including banks, insurance companies);
-bill payments and disputes;
-consumer protection;
-division of property between co-owners, termination of ownership of one share of the owners;
-recognition incapacitated, establish the facts of mental disorders party to the agreement, including after his death;
-recognition of the court invalidate the contracts concluded;
-finding of force majeure, obtaining supporting documents, the Chamber of Commerce;
-leasing relations, debt collection of lease payments, the return of leased assets, protection of lessees in disputes with leasing  companies;
-representing clients on intellectual property in government agencies, organizations, institutions, enterprises, to individuals;
-other services.