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Consumer protection

One of the types of legal services of Advocate company «JUSTEM», is the protection of consumers of goods and / or services that are provided by advocates and lawyers as by pretrial settlement of the dispute and in the court. Pre-court settlement of consumer disputes - is preparing claims, complaints, appeals of violation of consumer rights against violators of these rights to end the violation and compensate for disturbances caused by these material and moral damage. If offenders do not meet the legal requirements of users, the next is already an appeal to the appropriate state regulatory or law enforcement agencies to request them to stop violations and bring perpetrators to statutory responsibility (administrative, financial, criminal).
The next stage, which is operated in parallel with the previous stage, and separately - a judicial misconduct complaint entity that violated the rights of consumers. At this stage we will prepare and send to the appropriate court a petition and annexed documents which confirm the position of the client, and present his interests at trial.
We provide the following services in this area:
-consultation on legislation on consumer protection in goods and services and its application;
-protection of consumer rights when buying household appliances, automobiles, real estate;
-consumer protection in obtaining education, travel, medical and other services;
-consumer protection in the performance (including the renovation of apartments, building houses, cottages, garages, etc.)
-preparation and submission of complaints to the regulatory agencies in connection with violation of consumer rights;
-settlement of disputes in pre-trial order;
-assistance in organizing the necessary examination, registration required documentation;
-representing clients in state and local authorities, enterprises, organizations, agencies, law enforcement agencies on consumer  protection;
-representing clients in court (including preparation and submission of the claim, participation in court proceedings);
-preparing a draft settlement agreement and its approval of the court;
-appeal made by the court decisions (preparation and filing of appeal / second appeal);
-representing clients in public service executive in the procedure of enforcement;
-other services required for consumer protection.