Housing law

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services related to housing law:
-verbal and written advice to individuals on the use of housing legislation;
-protection of individuals for housing, including in dormitories;
-representation of individuals in relation to housing and service organizations;
-legal support of the universe (eviction) in the housing, de-registration;
-legal advice on exchange, sale, purchase of housing;
-representation of individuals - owners housing in relations with the tenants;
-preparation of claims and other procedural documents on housing issues  (settling, displacement, and commitment to withdraw  from registration, recognition of persons such that lost the right to use lodging; annulment of the agreement of housing sale,  remove obstacles in the use of residential premises; demolition of extensions and damages, damages to housing and  maintenance organizations, privatization of housing; issue a warrant for the apartment (recognition invalid warrant, etc..)
-representing clients in enforcement and regulatory authorities regarding settlement housing disputes;
-representing clients in court on resolving housing disputes;
-other services.