Banking Law

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services on various aspects of banking:
-consultancy support and representing clients in the creation, reorganization and liquidation of banks, including - for bringing the  activities of banks in compliance with the Law of Ukraine «On joint-stock companies», opening offices and branches of both  Ukrainian and foreign banks;
-analysis and drafting contracts for various banking services (opening and maintaining current and deposit accounts, opening  letters of credit, provision of credit, bank guarantees, etc.) and related agreements (treaties of guarantee, mortgage etc.);
-due diligence credit agreements (credit cases) due to possible risks to banking institutions for execution of that security and/or  mortgaged property, disputing the debtors bank credit agreements and/or related contracts, other agreements, concluded  banking institutions to individuals and/or entities;
-recommendations on matters submitted to a bank credit committee, committee on tariff policy and/or other controls of banking  institutions;
-representing clients in negotiations with banks and other financial institutions for borrowing and/or coordination of optimal  schemes of financing of economic activities;
-representation of institutions of bank on the negotiations with entities and/or individuals for loans and/or other banking services;
-advising on compliance with currency legislation, obtaining necessary permits (licenses) for currency transactions;
-representing banking institutions to controlling and/or supervisors of the government, especially on inspections of banking,  these appeal decisions of the application to banks of any sanctions, etc.;
-legal support to operations of banks with securities;
-legal support to operations for restructuring bad loans issued by banking institutions to individuals and/or entities, other  maintenance procedures prior to the enforcement of arrears on loans granted by banking institutions;
-services relating to recovery of outstanding debt issued by banking institutions, loans to individuals and/or entities, including -  procedures to seize the pledged and/or transferred to the mortgage assets of the debtor;
-advising on the settlement operations using various forms of payments (credit, bill, collection);
-other services.