Competition Law

 Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services on various issues of monopoly and restriction preventing unfair competition:
-advice on anticompetitive practices, discrimination of businesses, abuse of dominant position, violation of competition laws;
-advising on compliance with the requirements of competition legislation of Ukraine to the creation of corporations, mergers,  acquisitions, economic concentration;
-advising on unfair advertising;
-advising on the use of the optimum scheme of acquisitions, capital concentration or control the company;
-support and permits to obtain the necessary permits, preliminary findings of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for  concerted actions and for economic concentration;
-developing the scheme of transactions (buying and selling of companies, integrated property systems, etc.) with the norms of  competition legislation of Ukraine;
-legal due diligence on compliance (violation) norms of competition legislation of Ukraine;
-representation of clients in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for completing investigations of abuse of dominant position  and other violations of competition legislation of Ukraine;
-representing clients in case of dissemination of false, inaccurate or incomplete information about the company, which caused  or may cause damage to reputation;
-representing clients in wrongful use of commercial names, trademarks, publicity materials;
-representing clients in court in cases of violation of the laws “of the violation of economic competition and limit monopoly and to  prevent unfair competition”, the agency's appeal against decisions of the competent courts of Ukraine;
-protect the interests of the client in its use and disclosure of trade secrets;
-other services.