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Real Estate, Land Law

Advocate company «JUSTEM» provides sophisticated legal services in the commission of any real estate transactions (purchase, sale, leasing, lease, mortgage, construction, investment, financing, operation and management of real estate):
-advising on efficient forms of investment in construction;
-legal examination of title documents for real estate;
-training and legal assistance of contracts for real estate (sale, exchange, gift, lease, sublease, mortgage, investment, the  prime contract for design and construction work. And others);
-legal support for land acquisition and any agreement on them;
-legal support of the process of registration of title to real estate;
-legal support planning of construction, approval of project documentation;
-legal support procedures for obtaining permits for construction, renovation and repair projects, implementation of construction;
-risk analysis of participation in construction;
-advice on changing the purpose of land;
-advising on real estate taxation;
-advising on property management;
-advising on the commissioning of the facilities;
-legal support to foreign citizens, foreign and international companies, embassies and other subjects of private and public law  issues associated with real estate;
-legal support of refinancing mortgage loans;
-legal support disputes involving real estate loans;
-formation of refinancing schemes using securities, and alternative financing of real estate;
-representation of clients before state and local authorities (Land Resources, Planning and Architecture, State Commission on  Securities and Stock Market, National Bank of Ukraine, etc.);
-representation of clients in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction in disputes concerning real estate;
-advising on the privatization of real estate, legal support of the privatization process;
-providing security and interests of owners, including domestic and foreign investors - the owners of real estate;
-legal assistance in the process of registration of real estate and transactions with it;
-advice on changing categories of land;
-providing legal assistance to clients in the design of the transition law of the land as you move right to the house or building;
-distribution of property and settlement of disputes between co-owners;
-other services.