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Intellectual property

Advocate company «JUSTEM» provides its clients with legal services on various issues of intellectual property:
-advising on intellectual property rights (copyright and related rights, the right to an invention, utility model, industrial design,  innovative proposal, trademark and trade name, trade secret, etc.);
-development of strategies and schemes of protection of intellectual property rights and protect those rights;
-drafting of agreements, which regulate relations in the field of intellectual property rights, including copyright treaties,  agreements on transfer of exclusive intellectual property rights, agreements on the creation and use of intellectual property  rights, agreements on non-confidential information and protection of trade secrets and others.;
-representing clients in registration of copyright and related rights, trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial signs and  other intellectual property;
-legal consulting for clients on the creation, acquisition and use of copyright or related rights, including assistance in  negotiations with manufacturers and distributors of the product;
-legal audit of the company in the field of copyright and related rights;
-representing clients in relations with collective management of copyright and related rights;
-representation of clients at all stages of judicial settlement of disputes arising in the field of copyright and related rights;
-representing clients in disputes concerning counterfeit goods;
-representing clients in law enforcement agencies in criminal cases related to violation of intellectual property rights;
-other services