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Litigation, Arbitration, International Arbitration

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services in representing clients in courts of different jurisdictions and in different instances, and in arbitration bodies, international arbitration:
-advising on contentious issues;
-exercise due diligence documents with controversial issues;
-identify possible options for resolving the dispute in pre-trial order;
-pretrial settlement the dispute;
-collection, analysis of case materials and elections ofe the line to protect the interests of clients in court;
-preparation and submission of the statement to the court;
-study of materials of the claim against the customer, preparation and submission of objections (references) on the claim;
-involved in cases in courts of first, appellate and cassation to protect client's interests;
-appeal decision, ruling the court and on appeal, cassation (preparation and submission of complaints);
-preparation and submission of objections (references) on appeal, appeals, cassation complaints of the opponent;
-doing business in the European Court of Human Rights;
-other services.