Debt recovery

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients the following legal services in debt collection:
-advice on legislation regulating debt collection;
-analysis of accounts receivable and accounts payable in order to develop a legal position to collect debts or develop an optimal  mechanism for the protection of penalty;
-representing clients before the debtors (creditors) on debt to pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
-debt recovery, including with banks, insurance companies, by notary executive inscriptions, etc.;
-protection from creditors (including banks, insurance companies);
-the issue of debt by transferring the debt or the replacement lender liability (including assignment);
-drafting claims, letters, statements, references, explanations, appeals and cassation appeals in the case of debt collection;
-representing the interests of creditors (debtors) in court on cases of debt collection;
-representing a plaintiff (the debtors) in the state executive service in the case of debt collection;
-other services.