Головна For legal entities Restoring of solvency (bankruptcy)
Restoring of solvency (bankruptcy)

Advocate company «JUSTEM» offers its clients legal services in the trial, judicial and extrajudicial proceedings related to the restoration of solvency or insolvency. We provide services to protect the rights of both creditors and debtors. We provide the following services:
-advising on insolvency and restore of solvency (bankruptcy);
-bankruptcy prevention (monitoring the financial status of the debtor, the development of organizational, managerial, economic,  technical and financial measures for the withdrawal of the state enterprise insolvency);
-legal examination of documents debtor, creditor;
-preparation of court statements of bankruptcy;
-representing clients in courts of Ukraine in bankruptcy cases;
-service of liquidator, property managers, readjustment, liquidation;
-representation of clients in the committee of creditors, government agencies;
-determining the size and requirements of the debtor;
-objections to the claims of creditors;
-advising on transactions with the assets of the company, which is in bankruptcy;
-advising on the implementation of business during the bankruptcy procedure;
-other services.