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About a company

Our history.
Attorney company «Justem» was established in 2000. The process was the formation of dynamic changes in the law during a tough professional competition in the legal market.
The high professional level and competence of our leadership at the beginning of the company, creativity and skills to find innovative ways to achieve positive results, attracting attention to our company's of many clients. This, in turn, gave impulse to the successful development of the company.
Create a team of professionals capable of achieving the best result possible in each situation, strengthen their market position and has allowed it into the leading law firms in Ukraine.

We - today.
To date, the law firm «Justem» under the employment contract and the conditions of partnership or contractual relationships are 21 attorney, 6 lawyers, 1 patent attorney, 1 legal assistant.
The team of our company is a key asset and determine its success and prosperity, is composed of professionals who not only have significant theoretical knowledge in the field of law, but also have extensive practical experience, have positive results in most branches of law.

Our mission.
We consider our mission to secure the protection of legitimate rights and interests of our clients.

Basic principle.
The basic principle of the company is reliable, based on fundamental principles such as honesty, professionalism, responsibility, privacy, high quality legal services.
Every lawyer and our lawyers are obliged to leave the principle that the interests of clients before the interests of the company and their own interest.
In our work we adhere to the following rules:
● client must know the prospects of their case;
● there is no major or minor issues, your questions are important to us;
● an individual approach to each client;
● focus on long-term cooperation;
● good practice in relation to the fulfillment of the responsibilities;
● confidentiality of information received from the client;
● readiness to help the customer at any time.
Always glad to see you among our clients and partners.
We are prepared to justify your trust.