Головна Partners Audit Firm Accounting Standard
Audit Firm Accounting Standard

Director Viktor Viktorovich Sytnik

04050 Kyiv Melnikova street. 2 / 10
phone / fax 239-96-50 mob. tel. 067-880-59-55
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Ltd. "Audit Firm "Accounting Standard" is the newly established firm, but each of its team has experience in the market of audit and legal services more than 10 years. Staff firms and engaged in contractual relations specialists represent a team of associates, whose priorities are professional standards that are acceptable in the world. The work to provide services at the firm are not allowed employees whose ethical principles and behavior does not satisfy the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

Accounting firm is headed by highly experienced and certified auditor.

The quality of any services provided by the company, verified by independent experts.

Everyone involved with our team has relevant experience and knowledge to serve the leading companies in Ukraine. In addition, the firm is able to join the services of highly qualified professionals from any industry.

We have experience in drafting and review of accounting for international and domestic standards and Intracompany. In addition to providing audit and accounting services, we also provide other services related to professional activities, such as economic, accounting, technical, legal and other kinds of expertise to carry out financial and economic analysis of trends in specific market sectors and in areas of certain companies, advice on business organization or organization of control in business, etc.

Besides, the forecast financial position, the analysis for signs of deliberate bankruptcy, the organization of document circulation system, the organization of inventory property customers, internal controls for fraud, the evaluation staff accounting, consulting support for the employment of the staff proposals for optimization.

We have something to offer in the prevention of financial, tax, legal and other risks for large companies. We have experience in servicing companies with large manufacturing facilities, with large numbers of staff or extensive network of offices. We have experience in resolving disputes in pre-trial or court.

Skill level of personnel of our company is confirmed by long-term permanent employment in customer service, higher education and the real annual qualifying examinations under the improving knowledge of auditors, introduced by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine.