Головна Directions of activity

Directions of activity

Attorney company "Justem" provides sophisticated legal services in the form:
- consultation;
- customer service;
- due diligence;
- representing the interests of the parties in the courts of all instances;
- representation in government bodies and local authorities;
- participation in negotiations;
- development of various documents for customers (claims, statements, complaints, appeals and cassation complaints, letters, reports, statutes, regulations, instructions, orders, etc);
- testing and analysis of documents;
- legal opinions.
The main activities are the provision of services to corporate customers:
- in corporate conflicts resolved;
- mergers and acquisitions;
- disputes in real estate;
- securities;
- competition, investment and commercial law;
- tax (customs) relations;
- appeal against actions (inaction) of state and local governments and their officials and officers.  
Our attorneys and lawyers also provide services for banking, insurance, intellectual, immigration, labor, civil, commercial, transport (including maritime) law.
In case of any complaints on the part of law enforcement, tax, customs and other administrative bodies of our attorneys will provide a highly professional lawyer in criminal and administrative law.
We will help you to create enterprise (Public Joint Stock Company, Ltd.), public and charitable organizations (funds), political parties and suspended in their operation (also through bankruptcy).
Our attorneys will properly represent and protect your interests in litigation (commercial, civil, administrative, international arbitration) in the courts of all levels, as well as during the procedure execution and bankruptcy.
Extremely important in the activities of each company takes security business. Our experts will help you build a reliable protection against unlawful actions by the competitors as well as by the government and law enforcement.
We provide as legal and law services to individuals on consumer protection, family, civil, inheritance, housing, employment, health, fiscal, administrative, criminal and other legal areas.
In case of failure to achieve a just protect your rights in courts of Ukraine, we can help protect your rights in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.