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Події компанії

Scientific and practical guide "Sample documents in the economic process" under the general editorship of the partner of Attorneys at law "Justem" was Published.
The scientific and practical guide "Procedural and contract documents in the practice of lawyers" has been issued with the participation of lawyers of AC "Justem".
Partners of AC "Justem" have become the members of the Public Council under the State Executive Service of Ukraine.
Partner AC «Justem» became a member of the Public Council under the State Registration Service of Ukraine.
02.25.2011, the advisor of our company elected to the personal staff of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.
31.03.2011 year were held a seminar on "Tax Code for lawyers and executives: risks, solutions ", in which took an active part advocate, adviser of our company, Doctor of Philosophy in Law Tenkov S.A.
09.02.2011 was a press-conference "How to protect yourself for tourist Abroad"
05.02 - 06.02.2011 Attorney company "Yustem" took part in a nationwide legal Winter School "The road to success of the young lawyer" under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.