Tax Inspections of Kyiv

State Tax Administration of Ukraine: 04655, Kyiv, Lvivska plosha, 8,
tel. 272-44-02, 272-51-59, 272-08-41

Department of tax police of Ukraine: 04655, Kyiv, Lvivska plosha, 6, tel.272-59-59

Kyiv city
STA in Kyiv 04665, Sholudenko str., 33/19 tel.461-76-12

Special state tax inspection
Specialized STI for work with large taxpayers in Kiev     Large taxpayers in Kyiv    03680, Kyiv-680, Lenvanyevskoho str., 2   tel. 408-74-10

STI in the city has

STI in Goloseevskyi district of Kyiv,  01033, Kyiv, str. Zhilyanska 23    tel. 289-56-60, 591-61-00
STI in Darnitskyi district of Kyiv,  02068, Kyiv, Koshycya str., 3   tel. 572-60-78
STI in Desnyanskyi district of Kyiv,  02217, Kyiv, Zakrevskogo str., 41   tel.545-03-85
STI in Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv, 02094, Kyiv, Boulevard Verkhovnoi Rady, 24b  tel.  573-23-53
STI in Obolonskyi district of Kyiv, 04 213, Kyiv, Heroyiv of Stalingrada str., 58  tel. 467-84-87
STI in Pecherskyi district of Kyiv, 01011, Kyiv, Leskova str., 2   tel. 201-12-12
STI in Podolskyi district of Kyiv, 04080, Kyiv, Turivska str., 12   tel. 417-51-40
STI in Svyatoshynskyi district of Kyiv, 03115, Kyiv, Verhovynna str., 9   tel. 591-62-00
STI in Solomyanskyi district of Kyiv, 03151, Kyiv, Smilyanska str., 6  tel. 245-91-92
STI in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv, 04050, Kyiv, Baggovutivska str.,  26  tel. 482-34-86

Phone Numbers which can make an appointment. (Appointment is held daily from 9.30 to 12.30):

STA in Kyiv    tel.461-76-12 461-76-22
STI in Goloseevskyi district in Kyiv   tel.  591-61-22
STI in Darnyts'kyy  district in Kyiv   tel. 572-60-47
STI in Desnyanskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 530-04-61
STI in the Dniprovskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 558-75-45
STI in Obolonskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 412-21-3
STI in the Pecherskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 201-13-70
STI in Podolskyi district in Kyiv    el. 462-47-57 
STI Svyatoshynskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 591-62-92, 591-62-28
STI in Solomyanskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 245-91-54
STI in Shevchenkivskyi district in Kyiv   tel. 482-34-83
Specialised State Tax Inspection in Kiev to work with large taxpayers  tel. 457-37-21